Friday, January 29, 2010

"Now that's what I call Marine Biology!"

As you all know, I'm going back to school.  Well, I officially started yesterday and I am very close to feeling like Rodney Dangerfield.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I refer you to this:

Okay, well, I'm not a bug-eyed, rich, sexagenarian, but I am old...older than most of my classmates.  Oh and I also won't wreck havoc on campus.  That would be difficult to accomplish anyway since my school is a city college and, therefore, does not have a "real" campus.  My undergrad campus?  Sure, but not Hunter.

So, how did my first week of class go?  

Monday, I ordered my books online.  Apparently they have a process whereby you can order online and get first dibs on used books, if available.  Of course, it was a big scam and I should've known better, but whatever.  Buying online means there was no way for me to see for myself if all the used books were indeed taken.  I ended up spending $400 in books, for just two classes.  Crazy?  Yes, but in the end I can only hope it was all worth it.

Tuesday, I waited for my confirmation so I could pick up my books.

Wednesday, I picked up my books.  Can someone please tell me why textbooks are so damn heavy?  Heavy and half of what's in those books is completely useless.  What a waste of paper!

Thursday was my first day of class.  Chemistry.  If the first class is indicative of what the rest of the semester will be like then I should pass this class with big ol' fat A.  The professor is nice - when I can understand what he is saying.  If i fail, I will chalk it up to the fact that I couldn't comprehend the words coming out of his mouth.  I will say, though, that it call came back in a flood when he started talking about mass and weight and moles and the periodic tables.  I relished in it.  I realized how much I missed Chemistry.

Today, Friday, Calculus...We went right into the work, going over old concepts - tangents, slopes, factors.  I can't say I miss them, but it wasn't too bad.  What was bad?  He gave us an exam!!  Granted, it was a diagnostic test to see where our strengths and weaknesses were as well as a way for him know how far back he has to go to get everybody caught up.  Honestly, I'm a little scared, but I think I'll do okay?  We'll see soon.

There you have it.  What are your predictions on what my grades will be?

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  1. I think, darling, you are going to do well. If no other reason than to prove to urself that you can do it!