Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On a Sugar High

So... I'm digging this whole throwback thing the soda companies are doing.  It's a great marketing ploy to get all of the "naturalists" to buy their soft drinks again.  I know I definitely prefer real sugar to any form of artificial crap (in the diet drinks) or corn syrup.  Of course, my inquiring mind wanted to know for sure if they were bs'ing us or if they were for real.

I took a peek at the Pepsi website and this is what I found:

There, highlighted in yellow, SUGAR!!!  Not high fructose corn syrup, or as I lovingly refer to it... gunk.  They were also very clear to point out that it does not contain Aspartame which is another unnatural sweetener that is used often in diet drinks.  As I've always said, I would rather drink regular soda with the gunk (which will just make me fat) than diet soda with aspartame (which could slowly kill me).  Now, however, with all the throwbacks, I can be happier with the regular soda.

Of course, I prefer Dr. Pepper over Pepsi and Coke anyway, and Dr. Pepper has been on the pure sugar bandwagon for a while now.

Dublin Dr Pepper, since 1891

Dublin, Texas has been producing pure sugar Dr. P, since the beginning of time.  Sure they make gunk Dr. P, but they are known for their good ol' sugar.  I personally spend the money to get my Dr. P shipped to me from Dublin.  It comes in 8oz classic bottles (which is normal serving size) and is absolutely, 100% delicious.  Yes, because I say so!  They are much lighter in taste than gunk Dr. P and hit the soda spot just right.  I suggest you go and visit the site and order some today.  You won't be sorry.

But, really, if we want to talk about natural sodas, there are a whole bunch other than Pepsi and Coke that are available and probably healthier even than the big corps.

My personal favorites are (in order):

If you notice, most of these are juices with carbonated water.  Like, I said, healthier.  

What I'm looking forward to, though, since everyone is on this throwback high...  is when Coca-Cola starts selling their cokes with cocaine again.  Now THAT I'll buy!  

(P.S. This was not intentionally meant to be a big ol' advertisement for the sodas, just some recommendations.)

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