Monday, March 15, 2010

Things that make me HAPPY!

Apparently there are blog awards that go around and I was privileged enough to receive one from a special friend today.  

Greenie, author of Scribbles, Scruples & Stories, sent the Sweet Friends Blog award.  I am extremely honored.  Of course, there are rules with this, since this is an award that gets passed along.

RulesHere are the rules: Recipient must post their award on their blog mentioning the person that gave it to them. Then they must pass it on to 10 others & leave a comment on each of their blogs to let them know that they have won. You must also post 10 things that make you happy.

So, I don't follow ten blogs (well, I follow more through my fan fiction blog), but I'll list the ones that I do and hopefully you'll follow them as well.
Now for the ten things that make me happy.  I hate that can only list ten, but hey it's a start.

1) My husband - Even when we argue (which is rare), we can still laugh at ourselves and realize that we are arguing for the dumbest reasons.
2) My family - I wouldn't be here without them.
3) My nephew - He gets his own, because he's just adorable and funny and generally a wonderful child.  I hope my little ones turn out like him.
4) My friends - They know how to cheer me up when I'm down, or make me laugh harder when I'm already happy.
5) School - Way back in the day, I was the one that used to LOVE going to school.  Now that I am back in school, I realize that I still do.  Getting a 44/50 on my first Chemistry exam and a 90 on my Calculus exam helps also.
6) Sleep - Yes, sleep makes me happy.  It energizes me everyday, why could anyone be sad about it?
7) My writing - I never knew how therapeutic my writing could be until I started doing it.  Oh... and how addictive!
8) Music - It moves my soul, period, paragraph, the end.
9) The Sun - Well, this is fairly obvious.  The Sun is warm and inviting, not to mention it gives me a great tan.

10) Rain - Hear me out on this one... Rain is dreary, yes, but you can't deny the fact that on a rainy day you can stay in, curled into your favorite spot, with a good book or a good movie.  Sometimes it helps you catch up with things around the house or just makes you spend quality time with your family/friends/significant others.  Not to mention that rain means flowers!

So what makes you happy?