Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ID or Bust

I went to get my new school ID today.  I was pleasantly surprised that I, for once, didn't look half bad.  I would post my previous pictures, but that would mean showing you what I looked like and I'm just not in the mood for that right now. Take my word for it though, they were pretty bad.  I looked horribly fat in one (and I'm not fat), I looked like a school teacher in another, then of course, there are the "OMG, you look like you've seen a ghost" pictures.  Yeah... so when I say I look good this time, I do. I actually smiled for a change, too.

So while I looking at my picture, I began to wonder about all the silly pictures that others have taken.  Here's one:

Yes...  Batman... really...  the picture is okay, but the name.  Wow.  I wish I would have come up with this sooner, but I didn't.  I took this from "12 Most Bizarre ID Cards" and really, I couldn't stop laughing.

So tell me, who here has a perfect ID photo.  Anybody?  If you do, I would LOVE to see it!