Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coffee Talk with Random McRandom

My friend, E, and I were discussing things that we missed from the good ol' days (as if we're that old) and one thing that came up was how good Saturday Night Live used to be and some of their skits and characters.  The Church Lady, The Land Shark, and, our personal favorite, Linda Richman.

Who can forget Michael Myers as Linda Richman???  It was classic and funny.  Amazingly, there aren't many videos out on the interwebs of the old skits.  It's a shame because that was truly good sketch comedy.  So here's a video that is up.  Enjoy for old time's sake.

Watching it again is making me a bit... verklempt.  I will give you a topic to discuss.  A chickpea is neither a chick or a pea.  Discuss. 

(P.S. Thanks E for that little topic).


  1. hehehe! Dahlink, ur welcome I'm sure! Oy! For the good old days... give me a moment.