Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celebrity Crushes

I'm in love... ok, not really, but I might as well be. It happens so fast. You catch a glimpse of the other person, you see them in all their glory, always looking wondrous. Then you wonder to yourself: will I ever have a chance? If, in my case, their names are Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, or The Rock, probably not. But there's no harm in thinking about them.

My celebrity crush with Johnny Depp began when i was about 8 years old, when 21 Jump Street was all the craze. I was absolutely in love with him and that hasn't changed one bit. I would go to the ends of the earth for him! That just means I will watch every single one of his movies and lucky for me, they've all been pretty good, yes including Cry-Baby! I even joined his fan club, sent him a letter and everything. He wrote back too! Well, not really, but i did get a signed letter from him, even if it were just the generic "thanks for joining my club." Oh well c'est la vie. But look at this face... who can say no to that... ever????

I've added a new crush now. Robert Pattinson. I generally don't go for the skinny Brit type (if you know me, you know I go more for the slightly taller than me, Puerto Ricans), but Robert, I can do anytime. Why? I've been asking myself the same question. This little obsession of mine began first with the Twilight Saga. I read the books, couldn't put them down. I fell in love with Edward Cullen (the main male character). Actually, let's start from the beginning. I always thought Robert was cute when he played Cedric in Harry Potter, the Goblet of Fire, it was a shame he had to die, but it had to be done. I hadn't really seen him in anything else (bit parts here and there, but nothing that really featured him prominently). I saw that he had been cast as Edward Cullen, but at that time I didn't really care. Sure he was cute, and the pictures were pretty amazing of him, but still... no biggie. I hadn't read the books, so it didn't really mean much to me. Which brings me back to the book. Well, as I said I fell in love with Edward and really any woman in their right mind would as well. After that, I started to see Robert in a new light. Love interest... hmmmm... Then I started really looking at his pictures and I realized that he was hotter than I originally thought. Then I saw his interviews, he's good-looking, smart, funny, down to earth (albeit, a little dirty) and I realized I had to put him on my to do list. HAHAHA Let's take a look:

Last but not least... Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock... Why? I met him, personally. Yes, he's hot, but he's the coolest guy ever. Talk about down-to-earth? Dude was making fun of me and even allowing me to talk shit back to him. Spent two hours with him too and nothing happened!!! Even my husband wonders about that one. He keeps asking me why i didn't try to make a move. Well, I was young, only 20, I didn't even know who the guy was. My step-brother had to tell me. I found out I was meeting him and "taking" care of him for my job. All that entailed was staying close and making sure he had what he needed (water, food) and that the kids waiting to get his autograph didn't get unruly. I would put a picture of us up, but I really don't want my pretty little face up, so you'll have to deal. But here's a picture of just him...

So there you have it. My celebrity crushes. Just for the record, I also have permission from my wonderful husband to pounce, hug, kiss, squeeze, and do other naughty things *wink* to these guys should I ever see them. I have the best husband! Now if only I can find them sooner than later!

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