Friday, December 19, 2008

Bills & Snow

I like bills; I hate snow...

I'm backwards, I know, but that's how I am, I think you can deal with it. I like bills because, for me, that means I have a roof over my head, gas to cook with, electricity to read, and money to spend. I think that's pretty sensible, don't you?

Snow on the other hand??? Sure it's pretty, but it's a mess. You can't see in front of you when it's snowing. The snow drifts that form, undoubtedly cause me to fall and in the city... we usually end up with gray/yellow snow. Just nasty. It's snowing now... I wish I could go home.

oh and i had another dream about Rob Pattinson... seriously... this is getting weird now....

1 comment:

  1. LOVE SNOW... bah humbug to you! And yes, I agree, the RP might be starting to get weird now. But hey, not like I'm one to talk.