Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aston Martin - My Other Love

I'm not much of a car freak, but I love my Aston Martins. I have to credit the James Bond movies for my fetish. I will own an Aston Martin one of these days, probably sooner than later. These cars are beautiful. Take the DB6, it's classic:

If you don't like it... there's something wrong with you. Today a friend of mine bought the DBS. I'm highly upset with him, he knew that the Aston Martin was my car and I'm the one that is supposed to have the car in our group. This is the car he bought:

I'm jealous! Very jealous! It's OK. I'm buying the DB9 Volante in arctic blue with bitter chocolate trimming. It has been decided and I WILL get it:

For some of you, this may seem a bit of a stretch, it's not a cheap car, but I've always been one to get what I wanted when I wanted it.

I can't wait!

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