Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthdays, Football and U2

September has been a busy month for me, hence the lack of updates. September is also one of my favorite months. Why you ask?

Let's see. I turned 31, though people at the restaurant swore up and down I didn't look a day over 21. I'll take it. Hell, I was carded a month ago, too. This past month I wished about 20 different people Happy Birthday and I'm not even done yet. The most important person is my nephew; he will be 8 years old. He's the only person that can make me feel old.


It's football season people. I do not have a favorite team nor do I participate in any fantasy leagues (they are a waste of time in my opinion), but I love watching the games (minus my husband's extra commentary). The Jets look great this season and their new QB, Sanchez, just may make Rookie of the Year if he keeps up the work he's doing (minus those silly rookie mistakes he made today). The Giants... look the same. We'll see where they go. The Cowboys... ummm... yeah... Texas always has to do everything bigger, but not necessarily better. Who was the genius who thought it was a good idea having the huge jumbotron so low to the field? And those cage dancers? Really? Cage dancers? As Cris Collingsworth said, "It's the Triple AAA for the cheerleaders."

Brett Favre is back; he's the new Michael Jordan of football. Kurt Warner seems to be ageless and still good. Adrian Petersen looks amazing as always and the Bengals... well, at least they have OchoCinco...

My picks for the Super Bowl?


Why not? Just don't quote me on that, I never said I was a football expert. :o)

Finally... U2. This year I had the privilege of seeing U2 in concert. I considered this my other birthday present to myself. The 360 Tour is the second concert I've seen live. (I saw their PopMart tour back in '97). The smartest thing ever done was having a 360 degree stage. I felt more a part of the concert than ever before and I was all the way in the top tier. Not to mention that there was NO bad seat in the house. You can't go wrong. Their opening act was Muse and I have to say, I'm convert now. Here's a little peek at what I was excited to see...

Here's a peek at U2:

I also sent in an application for a post baccalaureate program. I'm going to try and become the doctor I should have been already. Let's hope everything works out well, shall we?

There are two days (or three, depending on when you're reading this) left to September. I wonder what else I can squeeze in before October rolls around.

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