Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Favorite Band of all Time

I found out about 2 months ago that U2's next album, No Line on the Horizon, was coming out in March and it was available for pre-order on Amazon. Except, when I went to Amazon, they have about 4 different versions of the album. The plain album for $9.99, the limited edition digi-pak for $25.99, the magazine edition for $35.99, and the limited edition box set for $66.49 So many choices!!!! I will obviously get the box set, nothing less will do.

So what started my obsessions with U2. I honestly cannot say. I think I have to credit my sister. I was still too young to really appreciate their music when they first came out back in '79 (I was only one). By the time, their 6th album (The Joshua Tree) came out, I had already heard of them and liked some of their songs (New Year's Day, Two Hearst Beat as One, Sunday Bloody Sunday), but of course, With or Without You took the cake. I became a full-fledged fan then, and I'm sure that's when many people did too. However, I started to really listen to all of their albums, and I realized that all of their songs were good. yes ALL. I like each and every one of their albums, even Pop. Many people said it wasn't classic U2, but they obviously didn't hear it the way I did. :o)

So yes, I own every one of their albums, plus any album that they were either featured on or produced (soundtracks, singles, etc). If you happen to know of any other albums or songs that I may have missed, please feel free to share. I can never have enough U2.

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