Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to the Motherland

For those that know me, I am very proud to be of Cuban descent. So this year (or last year? I straddled years), I spent New Year's in Cuba. It was a great time and I wanted to share a little bit of Cuba with you all.

This was my 4th time going and my husband's first. He was scared!!! He thought he would either get stuck there or not be let back into the country . I told him he had nothing to worry about whatsoever. I forgot to mention to him, though, until the last minute, that we were going during the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Talk about a great time to go!!!!

Needless to say, he only got more paranoid. Too funny. Well, as it turned out, he LOVED it and can't wait to go back. So were all the festivities up to par? I wouldn't really know. I pretty much stayed with my family and did sight-seeing with the husband, of course the signs were everywhere, flags were everywhere and there was a general sense of pride emanating from everyone.

So what did my husband think of Cuba? As I said, he loved it, but more than that he felt it was quite peaceful; a land of survivors. There's a certain mystique to the island that drives everyone there. You have the sounds, sights and smells of the streets that draws you in:

But the tranquility of the ocean to relax you:

Varadero Beach

Then of course there's the history of this magical island:

El Morro

We didn't even see the whole island. We were confined, due to time limitations, to Havana, Pinar Del Rio (we went to ViƱales, where there are tobacco fields), and Matanzas (Varadero Beach). But as I said, we will be back soon and we'll see more of the island. I'll share some of those experiences as well.

Until the next post...

Oh, and yes, I brought back cigars and I've already smoked one. I don't smoke, but I'll always make an exception for the delicious cigars from my island.

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