Thursday, July 30, 2009

Death Becomes Us

I haven't written in a while and there is no excuse for my idleness. I do know you'll forgive me though.

Today's topic of choice: Death

The last two months the public has seen a myriad of deaths from the most newsworthy to the little "who was that again?"

So here's a list of those that died just as a reminder...

1) Michael Jackson - I don't think I need to cover his death anymore. The media had a field day with his passing as it was. I will say, though, that it pains me when I read or hear people say things like "he deserved it, he was a pedophile" or "he was a weirdo anyway, good riddance." The man made some strange choices no doubt, but to wish someone's death like that or to say cruel things is uncalled for in my book. Whether he did anything or not, doesn't matter. He was still the man!

2) Farrah Fawcett - I was too young to appreciate her and really the wrong color as well. It's hard for me to look up to her, but she was every teen boy's wet dream... including my husband's, so that must count for something. I do think she was very strong though, it's not easy dying a slow death from cancer and having the will to live after learning that you don't have much longer to live. I just hope she lived those last days to the fullest.

3) Ed McMahon - Here's Johnny! There goes Ed... don't have much to say except I wish they never canceled the original American Idol... Star Search. I loved that show!

4) Walter Cronkite - people were upset about his death. I wasn't. He was old, he lived a long life, I'm sure he was fine with it.

5) Arturo Gatti - Known for the greatest boxing trilogy against Mickey Ward. His career was already on the decline if it hadn't already hit rock bottom with his recent losses. It's still a shame to see someone tragically killed. The investigation into his death is still open. I think his wife killed him, but who knows for sure.

6) Vernon Forrest - another great fighter. I just learned of his death yesterday. He was my husband's age. It's tough to see another good one go. We watched his last fight against Sergio "Latin Snake" Mora last night. It was his last fight and he lost, but just barely. He still lives in in the books though.

7) Steve McNair - Titans quarterback. Two words: Crazy lover. Men, if you plan on cheating on your wives make sure the woman is mentally stable. He had a good career and it was literally blown away.

8) Other notable deaths: Robert McNamara (former Secretary of Defense), Frank McCourt (author), E. Lynn Harris (author), Merce Cunningham (dancer/choreographer).

I could sit here and ask what in the world is going on because of all of the people are dying. OH MY GOD!!!!!

Right, I could, but I won't. People die everyday. It's a part of life. The moment we are born we begin to die. This isn't a bad thing. This just tells us that we need to live our life to the fullest because we never know when it's going to end. My father died two and half years ago. I was witness to it and I can say that he died with a smile on his face. His last vision was of me, my sister and his wife. He died knowing we were going to be okay. Did he die too young? For me, he did, but I liked spending time with him. Was it his time to go? Apparently so.

So here's a moment of silence to everyone that has died and everyone who is still alive not truly living. If you're not living, get off your asses and get to it!

I've made my peace, have you made yours?

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